foundry414 giving updates

We give away 10% of our budget each year to individuals and organizations doing great work consistent with our values in our city, region, and around the world.  Check out some of the  highlights of how our financial gifts are used each year.


  • donated to the African American Council of Churches Psalm 46 relief fund
  • donated to the National Bail Fund Network
  • purchased items and assembled summer fun kits for the children of families that visit local food pantries
  • purchased and made weekly deliveries of groceries and toiletries to the Sandburg Pantry
  • provided a business grant for a local small business whose income has been hurt by COVD-19
  • provided utility and rent assistance to families at Falk Elementary whose families have lost jobs due to COVID-19
  • purchased instruments for students  interested joining the orchestra at Glacier Creek Middle School
  • provided grocery gift card to families that have been affected by job loss due to COVID-19
  • purchased items to donate to the Arbor Covenant Food Pantry
  • continued support of caring for the environment through financially supporting Clean Wisconsin and Friends of Starkweather Creek


  • supported a local family hosting a foster child from Latvia in hopes of finding him a forever family
  • provided surgery funds for a service dog who assists a child with special needs
  • sponsored the Eken Park Festival to promote community connections
  • providing items for the toiletries pantry at Falk Elementary
  • sponsoring weekly soccer nights for neighborhood kids
  • providing after-school/weekend snacks for children with food insecurity at Muir Elementary
  • provided rental assistance for a single mother transitioning out of homelessness
  • providing essential items to stock the toiletries pantry at Sandburg Elementary
  • sponsorship of Clean Wisconsin
  • members of Friends of Starkweather Creek conservation efforts


  • provided Thanksgiving food for families in need at Falk Elementary
  • donated to flood relief efforts to aid victims of damage in Black Earth, WI
  • provided groceries for a local family transitioning out of homelessness
  • providing snacks throughout the school year for children with food insecurity at Muir Elementary
  • provided toiletries/necessities to men transitioning out of the prison system
  • provided coats and winter gear for children in need at a local elementary school

backpack snackpack


toiletries closet

Our pastor, Chris Roberts, drives a school bus part time.  Several years ago he had a student on his bus who was consistently hungry, so Chris reached out to the school social worker to see how he could help.  He discovered that children experiencing homelessness often struggle with food insecurity because they are not attending after school programs where snacks and meals are provided.  We wanted to help these children who often slip through the cracks, so our church piloted the BackPack Snack Program. We are able to give these children snacks to take home after school and easy meals that can be made during the weekend. We currently have our BackPack SnackPack program running at  Muir Elementary.  In addition to this, we help supply toiletries and essential items for students at Sandberg and Falk Elementary.  

You can give below and your gift will directly go to support these initiatives.