Ways to Give & Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities while Social Distancing

Here are a few practical ways that you can be a good neighbor and do good for others while in quarantine. Please share what you do with others by emailing  jenny@foundry414.com a picture/video with description so that we can add this to our social media pages.

  • Masks For the Homeless

    The City of Madison is working to get cloth face coverings to Madison’s homeless shelters and other non-profits. The first round of donated masks will be going to the Salvation Army, the Beacon and Madison Development Corporation.

    Donations will be gratefully accepted at the City of Madison Engineering Division building at 1600 Emil St., Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.

    City employees will get the coverings washed, inventoried, and stored appropriately. Thank you for helping !

  • Contribute To the Cause of Justice & Civic Healing

    "In this time, we thought it fitting to offer a couple of ways you can help contribute to racial justice in our community. First, a small idea: engage in deliberate conversation with a friend or family member with whom you disagree on these things. These conversations are hard, but important. Second, you could attend a rally/march (Freedom, Inc.’s Facebook page has information about many of the larger ones). Third, you could donate to an organization dedicated to this work. Here are two that are Madison-based: [1] the aforementioned Freedom, Inc. and [2] Urban Triage.

  • Garbage Cleanup

    Clean up garbage in your favorite park, hiking trail, or neighborhood sidewalks. Let's  be good stewards, helping make our little corners of Madison even more beautiful this spring.