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The Contemplative Life Podcast

Discover the gifts of deep listening and spiritual companioning.

  • What if dissonances we feel around our spiritual practices are trying to tell us something?

    At one point or another, most of us probably find that some of our usual faith practices just aren't helping us connect anymore. In this episode, we talk about both the spiritual practices we've tried in the past and what we're exploring now. 

  • Feeling like your spiritual life needs a pick-me-up?

    It may be that what we need isn't something entirely new, but rather something "old." Join us as we talk about the ways in which each of us has welcomed new-to-us traditions that are bringing us a sense of grounding and connection we hadn't even known was possible. 

  • Can the contemplative help us with social justice?

    In this episode, we spend time asking where the work of justice begins and we talk about how the contemplative might help us find our way into long-lasting impact. 

  • Is it possible that the Shadow Side of our personalities are hijacking our spiritual life?

    In this episode we talk about how our personalities may be affecting our spiritual experience and how reflection about that can help us discover an evermore fulfilling spiritual experience.  Join us as we explore the many ways that lead us to connect with the Divine!

  • How do we go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to faith?

    In this episode, we talk about the joys of discovering why we love the things we love and how we uncover the rhythms that can help us feel spiritually nourished. We also explore the benefits of stepping out of our everyday rhythms to find even more things that help us connect in real and meaningful ways with God, with ourselves, and with the world around us. 

  • If  church doesn’t work for us, what does it look like to grow in our spiritual awareness?

    Join us as we reflect on the spiritual self. Each of our lives holds meaning and purpose. But many of us struggle to unpack what that is exactly. In this episode, we consider the pathways available to us all, regardless of titles, schedules, or belief structures. 

  • What can help us when words and experiences make us feel isolated, shut down, and less than? 

    In this episode, we contemplate the struggle that comes along with triggering words and situations. We explore the cause and effect nature of these things, visiting a number of great thinkers along the way. If you struggle with various triggers in your life, you are definitely not alone. Join us as we explore some themes that have encouraged us. 

    Note: There are a couple moments where Kristina’s internet wasn’t cooperating on this day. So if you hear a couple of blips, it’s not you. It’s us. :)

  • Today we are talking with Steve Spilde, Associate Director and Spiritual Director at the Franciscan Spirituality Center in La Crosse, WI. 

    What is it about vulnerability that is just so amazingly hard and what makes vulnerability so special anyway? No doubt, we’ve probably all been a room where we were the minority. And probably each of us would be able to articulate the differences we felt in that situation. 

    Join us as we talk about the various influences of our day that contribute to a shut-down society and what sorts of models might be available to help us shift into a more complete picture of ourselves. 

  • In this episode, we talk about how the contemplative life informs our parenting. But! Even if we don’t have children, relationships are relationships! Each person in the world has agency – freedom of choice, freedom to think. And how our agency interacts with others can sometimes be wonderful and can sometimes be anything but.

    What’s more, each of us is living the context of our own set of struggles. What happens when all of that crashes into the story of everyone else we’re coming into contact with? And how does that interplay with our desire to see others we love thrive in their own journeys? Join us as we contemplate together.