holistic worship

We seek to worship God with our entire lives: body-mind-spirit.

Holistic Worship Resources

Life with God reflection

One spiritual practice we have found helpful to grow in holistic worship is our Life With God Reflection Guide.   

This could be an annual or quarterly prayer time where you consider these areas and write down what nudges you might sense from God.   Perhaps one area stands out as a primary focus area of growth.  Or perhaps you prefer to make some notes in each of the areas to determine how you are experiencing God currently and ways you hope to continue.  

We have seen this reflection guide help us expand our view of worshipping God in a holistic way.

For a detailed reflection guide, download here.

holistic worship talks


get connected

Throughout the year we have various ways to connect in person around each of our core values.

To connect around Holistic Worship check out:

Yoga (meets monthly)

Money Mindset Class (meets each semester)