Ways to Give & Volunteer

Volunteer Opportunities while Social Distancing

Here are a few practical ways that you can be a good neighbor and do good for others while in quarantine. Please share what you do with others by emailing  jenny@foundry414.com a picture/video with description so that we can add this to our social media pages.

  • Contribute To the Cause of Justice & Civic Healing

    "In this time, we thought it fitting to offer a couple of ways you can help contribute to racial justice in our community. First, a small idea: engage in deliberate conversation with a friend or family member with whom you disagree on these things. These conversations are hard, but important. Second, you could attend a rally/march (Freedom, Inc.’s Facebook page has information about many of the larger ones). Third, you could donate to an organization dedicated to this work. Here are two that are Madison-based: [1] the aforementioned Freedom, Inc. and [2] Urban Triage.

  • Garbage Cleanup

    Clean up garbage in your favorite park, hiking trail, or neighborhood sidewalks. Let's  be good stewards, helping make our little corners of Madison even more beautiful this spring.

  • Plant Some Seeds

    Send us a picture of you planting seeds/trees, etc. in your garden or a community plot. We invite you to meditate on the promise of these plants, the future they hold, and their capacity to grow strong over the coming months, years.