We've found that discovering and growing in Jesus is best done in community.  

We offer a variety of groups in the Madison area to help you connect with others and grow in your faith. 

whiskey & words

Facilitated by Neil Salyapongse

This group meets at a local pub or private home in the Madison area each month to talk about literature, theology or musical pieces. 

If you are interested in attending, email us at, so that we can add you to the email list with all of the details.


the social justice group

Facilitated by Melissa Bennett

We seek to know God and make God's love known to our neighbors by engaging in justice-related discussions and initiatives in hopes that all people will have freedom from oppression. 

Our discussion-based small group meets once a month in Madison (often over some food) to talk about what's happening in our community and the systemic issues at play. We encourage each other to think about how we can use our gifts and talents to affect positive change. Kids are welcome!  If you are interested in joining the group or just want more info, email us at

the impromptu hangout group

Ever find yourself in a moment where you unexpectedly have a free night and don't want to sit home alone? Join our impromptu hangout group ! We have a group setup in the GroupMe app (available for both IOS an Android users) for such occasions. It's a no pressure group, which will allow connection and community in the Madison area. If you want to see if anyone is available to grab a last minute beer or coffee, just send a message out to the group to see if anyone is available. To join the group, scan the QR code, or send an email to Jenny Rodriguez  at to receive a text invite!


Facilitated by LaRynda Thoen

Respite Worship is loosely based on Taizé worship. Taizé uses prayer, meditation, periods of silence, and short musical phrases repeated several times. The repetitive nature allows the words to settle in and to be prayed even after the service is over. Respite Worship uses many of those same concepts, hoping to give you a worship experience that is a safe place to just BE in the presence of God. 


Respite meets the 2nd Thursday each month at a private home in Middleton. Contact for directions.

book club

Co-Led by Margaret Szczykuwoticz & Alta Johnson

 Our co-ed  book club is inclusive and non-discriminatory. There is no need to read the book to join, and often times the chosen book to discuss has also been made into a movie!  

We meet every other other month from 7:00 - 8:30 at a private home in the Monroe neighborhood.  Email us at for more info on what our book club is currently reading!