Friends & Partners

We believe we're at our best when we follow Jesus' example to love and serve others.  

We especially like to collaborate with other like-minded people in our endeavors.

Here are some collaborations we partner with throughout the year.

  • This summer event is sponsored by the Friends of Pheasant Branch Conservancy. We participate by providing music for neighbors enjoying the nature trails.

  • This free summer event is sponsored by foundry414 as an opportunity for Eastside families & children to connect over non-competitive soccer games.

  • Labor Day

    Fun Run

    This annual event is sponsored by foundry414 in partnership with the Sandberg PTO to raise funds to support children in local elementary schools needing toiletries and food support.  



           Eken Park Festival

    This annual event is hosted by the Eken Park Neighborhood Association. We participate through sponsorship, volunteer hours and attendance.