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Join us for seasonal classes and workshops.

  • Enneagram Personality Workshop:

    Discover and explore your types and gain empathy and understanding for each other in this fascinating conversation around the enneagram wheel. We will explore together how our patterns show up in our lives and what God has for us when we walk with Him in our gifts and in our true essence.

    The next workshop will be offered  November 3rd and 17th at 1 pm.  Contact: for more info and directions!

  • Foundry414 offers seasonal yoga classes taught by certified teachers from our community. 

    Contact us at for information on when the next class sessions will begin.

  • This 2 week class dives into money mindsets and helps uncover ways these mindsets impact our day to day lives. 

    The next class will be offered January 2020.  

    To sign up for the class, contact

  • This 3 part workshop is designed to discover interests, gifts and how they impact your areas of influence. 

    The next workshop will be offered January 2020.  

    To sign up contact

  • This learning circle explores ways to contribute to thriving neighborhoods throughout our city.  To join the good neighbor learning circle, email us at