Foundry414 is a non-denominational Christian church in Madison, WI affiliated with Blue Ocean Faith


We welcome those looking for a safe place to

  • explore faith
  • deconstruct faith
  • grow spiritually

it's all about connection

We seek to connect people to



and the world around us.



Right now our usual meeting place is undergoing building renovations. While we wait for that to be completed, we are meeting at St. Dunstan's Episcopal church on Sundays at 4:30 pm. Childcare is provided. 

Once building renovations are completed. we will go back to our previous Sunday meeting  place  (the green parish building at St. Dunstan's)   and time of 10:30 am. 


Our church is located at:

6205 University Ave. Madison, WI 53705

(Across from the Allen Blvd / University Ave intersection).

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